DVD to iPod converter

Converting DVD Movies into iPod Format


Converting DVD to run into your iPod, you must have software that performs the conversion and the copy of iTunes onto your computer. Those IPods’ with video employ the MPEG-4 video format by H.264 codec. Luckily, there are a combine of conversion techniques achievable to acquire here from your DVDs.

If you are using an older, usually the two-step conversion procedure, you should first convert the DVDs from the DVD format towards avi files, subsequently convert files from .avi to .mov (QuickTime), as well as after that to finish upload it to your iPod through iTunes. Or else you could just buy a DVD onto iPod conversion utility for instance Avex, PQ as well as Cucusoft DVD to the iPod programs, converts DVD formats from the DVD to iPod file format.

Video quality, speed and audio are the things to search for in one-step converter (as you would be equally converting audio files and video), plus a user-friendliness for the beginners, in view of the fact that converters frequently come up to with higher features and its hard for the new one to clutch.

Newbies would absolutely would like to have an information since it’ is not intuitive what are they going to do after they open the DVD in the converter also to see every types of folders and weird files, for example BUP (merely backup files) BUP, (Video Objects – wherein the movie are) VOB, and (files that give information to DVD players concerning where chapters begin, and where the sure audio tracks are situated, and so forth) IFO. Additional inquiries concerning image sizes and bit rates might throw a novice as well, so user-friendliness is necessary.

And, if you’re looking particularly at DVD converter, not the universal video converter, make certain that it converts all the DVD formats. Moreover, as always, you should look reviews from a trusted source like as CNet.

Converting DVD movies to the iPod are just part of process, yet, you too would have to load the outcome into your iPod. On doing this, you should have iTunes in your computer. In fact iTunes are obtainable free for PCs as well as Macs from Apple plus it’s very easy to upload.

Just drag the MP4 or move the file that you’ve been converted to the iTunes library or else choose Add into Library that are in the File menu, as well as after that choose the desired film. (Note: In case you would like to click on the "Videos" in left column just double click on the file to ensure that the video really works.) Subsequently load the movie into your iPod and have pleasure of watching.