DVD to iPod converter

How to Convert DVD to IPod with Aimersoft Converter Software


Through Apple iPods becoming extensively accessible, iPod owners asking on how to convert the DVD file to iPod. IN this article, there will be a review about Aimersoft DVD to the iPod Converter software that helps you effortlessly attain just that: convert DVD movies to iPod classic, nano, or touch.

Aimersoft DVD to the iPod Converter allows you simply rip any type of DVD to 100 percent well-matched iPod video format. The outcome video file would be playable on a few iPod models, which includes iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, etc. In addition, DVD to the iPod Converter comprises an influential iPod file manager for transferring. This utility lets you to copy videos, music, and television shows from the iPod to computer without the use of Apple iTunes.

Here's the top 5 features which includes in the Aimersoft DVD to the iPod Converter:

1. Picture quality. This converts the DVD movies to iPod video such as MPEG-4, MP4, and M4V while maintaining outstanding picture quality. The utmost supported video resolution is the 640x480 that signifies the movie would look outstanding even on newest iPod models.

2. Speed. The software entirely supports the dual-core and the multi-threading, which denotes the speed of the conversion is very quick, particularly if you have new computer running Vista or XP.

3. Ripping audio from DVDs. The DVD to the iPod Converter could extract the audio streams from DVD, and store them as an iPod-compatible audio, thus you could have movie soundtracks on the iPod on the move.

4. Very simple to make use of. Aimersoft DVD to the iPod ripper is extremely intuitive and simple, so even though you have never ripped DVDs, you would have no problem utilizing it.

5. High customization level. The software allows you to convert DVDs to the iPod videos by means of custom video frame rate, size, as well as bit rate. You could also select audio language and adjust brightness, subtitle track, contrast, saturation, and etc.

There's in fact a large number to this DVD to the iPod Converter software than the above mentioned covers.