DVD to iPod converter

How to convert DVD to iPod video


A lot of people would like to convert the DVD to the iPod that supported mp4 files, after that upload iPod player from DVD. So they could take pleasure in DVD movies on the iPod all over the place. Nevertheless how to convert the DVD to the iPod? You must find suitable software.

There are a lot of websites out there wherein it provides different functionality, user friendly as well as minimalism to convert the DVD files for the playback on the iPod player. It makes so simple to convert DVD into iPod compatible formats of mp4 with only a few clicks as well as direct instructions.

In addition, convert DVD into iPod video, it as well supports more or less several video file as an input which includes MPEG, DVD, DivX, vob, XviD, MOV, rmvb, rm, WMV, dvr-ms, AVI, MP4,.mkv, TiVo, etc. into iPod format for video files. Below are some of the instructions on how to format your DVD video into iPod video format.


Step1: Primarily, you must download the software in order to convert the DVD video into iPod and then launch it. After that, there will be a screen that appears.

Step2: Below are the steps to end the task:

  • 2.1: Choose the iPod button as your present format output.
  • 2.2: Click the 'DVD' button, and then choose the DVD drive onto your laptop.
  • 2.3: Choose the audio stream of the DVD. You could click the 'Play' button to choose what audio stream you would want to have.
  • 2.4: From your profile list, you should choose the iPod profile.
  • 2.5: Press the ‘Convert now!’ to begin the conversion, the converted file is then stored to the folder - c:\avoneexport\
  • 2.6: As a result, converting DVD to the iPod video turns out to be very simple. Now, you could drag the converted files into the iTunes used for the iPod player.